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Honest Pretzels: And 64 Other Amazing Recipes For Cooks Ages 8 And Up

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Honest Pretzels And 64 Other Amazing

Tricycle Press

Author: Mollie Katzen

The author is Mollie Katzen and it was published on the 13th of October, 2009 by Tricycle Press. The book has 192 pages. The child's cookbook dimensions are 9.96" Height x 8.03" Length x 0.59" Width and it has a weight of 1.5 lbs. To pick up your very own copy of this book for your kids, click on our affilate button.

Get ready to help with dinner for real! With it, you can become a fantastic cook and amaze your pals with PITA SPIRALS and CREAMY CORN SOUP or CINNAMON SWIRL STICKY BUNS and BEST HOT CHOCOLATE. Then welcome to an additional very distinct cookbook by Mollie Katzen. And think in the sense of accomplishment they will feel as they grow into creative, confident chefs. In these pages she speaks directly to children through 65fully kid-tested, illustrated recipes that demand only a little adult assistance. Are you a grown-up? Are you a kid? Or you can fill your lunch bag with a wedge of SPAGHETTI PIE, a serving of MAPLE YOGURT FRUIT DIP, and a handful of HONEST PRETZELS that you made yourself. Then this book was written specially for you. It's not just a cookbook complete of yummy recipes--it also gives young cooks, ages eight and up, a chance to practice reading, math, and logic skills.

Ever separate an egg with a funnel? Ever follow your kids into the kitchen and help them with recipes they have selected to prepare? Ever make a grilled cheese and broccoli sandwich?

Mollie Katzen makes all this and far much more ever so painless. It's a kid's cookbook for a more sophisticated palate--those ready for Not-from-a-Box Macaroni and Cheese or Spunky Chili. She wrote Pretend Soup for preschool cooks after operating with young kids in a preschool setting. Honest Pretzels is the next step. All the recipes within the book are vegetarian. These are a lot more advanced recipes demanding far more advanced techniques for kids ages 8 and up.

Typically, each recipe is introduced with a list of ingredients, the quantity of time it's going to take, a list of tools, plus a note about exactly where a youngster might need to ask an adult for help. At no time and in no place could be the language patronizing. The actual directions are broken out into separate"cards,"a great deal of of them illustrated.

That's quite a list. How did you measure up when you were 8--let alone now? --Schuyler Ingle Here's a very good chance to give your child a leg up in the kitchen, while staying out inside the way.


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