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It's Disgusting And We Ate It! True Food Facts From Around The World And Throughout History

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Its Disgusting And We Ate It True Food


Author: James Solheim

My kids want to reveal to you this excellent children's book called It's Disgusting And We Ate It True Food. Written by James Solheim and the publisher is Aladdin. This cookbook went on sale in July of 2001. The children's book has 48 pages. The children's book is 0.16"H x 10.04"L x 8.04"W and it has a weight of 0.45 lbs.

How about a nice dish of Colonial Squirrel Pie using a side of milkweed shoots? (Is your mouth watering but?) If that doesn't grab you, you might think about trying some Garbage Stew, just like they made in medieval England. They've got three occasions the protein of cooked beef. But if you're feeling a tiny tired and need a boost, your best bet is roasted spiders.


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