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Kids Around The World Cook! : The Best Foods And Recipes From Many Lands

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Kids Around The World Cook The Best


Author: Arlette N. Braman

Presents information on and recipes for a variety of foods from many countries, including Sweet Lassi from India, Challah from Israel, Strawberry Soup from Poland, Kushiyaki from Japan, and Prairie Berry Cake from Canada.
Do you need to order a cookbook? Kids Around The World Cook! - the best foods and recipes from many lands is a fantastic book! The author is Arlette N. Braman and it was published sometime in March of 2000 by Jossey-Bass. The child's book is all about International cooking and is deemed good juvenile literature. The child's book is 128 pages long and it is stuffed with black and white illustrations. It's dimensions are 8.5"H x 11.02"L x 0.35"W and weighs close to 0.7 lbs. For the greatest bargain for a copy on this children's book in addition to other cook books for children, check out the shopping cart button.

Make Delicious Foods from Many Lands and Discover Something about Different Culture What do kids in Jamaica eat for breakfast? Visit India on a hot summer day and enjoy the yummy taste of lassi, a sweet yogurt drink, and finish off your meal in Egypt with baklawa, a flaky pastry made with nuts, coconut, and butter. Kids Around the World Cook! takes you on a taste-bud-tingling tour to lands far and near with a fun assortment of trivia and lots of protected and easy-to-make recipes. Who created the first chocolate chip cookie? Begin your meal in Ethiopia, as you sample the thin, pancake-shaped bread named injera, then take off to Japan, where you can make the mouthwatering traditional dinner called kushiyaki. Let your curiosity--and appetite--run wild while you learn how to produce scrumptious delicacies from cultures across the globe. Kids Around the World Cook! is a fabulous blend of fascinating facts and delicious recipes. Impress your family members and friends and, best of all, sample all in the tasty results of your exciting excursions. How can you make a delicious loaf of challah bread?


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