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The Mayo Clinic Kids' Cookbook: 50 Favorite Recipes For Fun And Healthy Eating

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Mayo Clinic Kids Cookbook 50 Favorite

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Author: Mayo Clinic

Provides a variety of simple, healthy recipes for young cooks.
Your kids will love The Mayo Clinic Kids' Cookbook: 50 Favorite Recipes For Fun And Healthy Eating - 50 favorite recipes for fun and healthy eating. The author is Mayo Clinic and it was published sometime in 2012 by Good Books. The book is about Cooking along with Food and Nutrition and is considered fine juvenile literature. This version is the 1st ed. is 128 pages long and it is filled with colorfully illustrated artwork. To order a copy at the cheapest price, visit the shopping cart button on this page.

        Let's introduce our kids for the pleasure of cooking healthy food! Kids absolutely enjoy kitchen projects, and they are much far more likely to eat what they help to cook. When their cooking projects come from The Mayo Clinic Kids' Cookbook, they will develop a taste for vegetables, lean meats, and complete grains, which will stay with them for a lifetime. We've teamed up once again with Mayo Clinic, a top rated authority in health and nutrition, to provide kids 50 great recipes they'll love to make and to eat!  

        We've organized the cookbook so kids know which steps need adult support. Each and each recipe is illustrated using a colorful photo. We give gentle reminders about heat and sharp utensils to assist keep kids secure. How proud your kids will be to prepare Taco inside a Bowl or Italian Oven Fries. The book consists of a range of recipes — some so straightforward and quick that no adult support is needed, and others for junior cooks who are moving beyond the basics. We offer tips all through about how to wash, snip, and process raw ingredients. Give the gift of healthy cooking and eating to your kids. Every single recipe has clear, step-by-step directions. Each and every single recipe consists of a handy list of gear required for cooks who are nonetheless learning their way around the kitchen.


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