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Taste Of Home Kid-approved Cookbook: 300+ Family Tested Fun Foods

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Taste Of Home Kidapproved Cookbook

Readers Digest

Author: Taste of Home

Brief summary:

Collects kid-friendly recipes offering fun ways to bring families together by making such dishes as French toast sticks, chicken alphabet soup, and pink velvet cupcakes--
Taste Of Home Kid Approved Cookbook is a must own children's book. Written by Taste of Home and it is published by Readers Digest. This cookbook was available around February of 2012. If you're in the library you can almost certainly look it up with the Dewey Decimal number, TX715.T213177 2011. The children's book is 256 pages long and it contains different exquisitly colored illustrations. The child's cookbook also accentuates Cookbooks and Cooking. It's dimensions are 0.7" Height x 9.1" Length x 7" Width and weighs something like 1.4 lbs. To get your very own print of this cookbook, visit our affilate link on this site.

For the first time, more than 300 beloved kid-friendly recipes from the true property cooks at Taste of Home are gathered into one distinct beautifully photographed volume.       More than a cookbook for kids, and not just a collection of recipes that kids will love, Taste of Home Kid Approved Cookbook offers fun, achievable techniques to bring families together and celebrate childhood fun!

  Icons all through the book highlight recipe activities for all ages.   And a unique chapter is devoted for the youngest of cooks. Every single recipe is perfect for the complete gang, generating your little 1 a proud contributor to the household meals.


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