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The United States Cookbook: Fabulous Foods And Fascinating Facts From All 50 States

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United States Cookbook Fabulous


Author: Joan D'Amico / Karen E. Drummond

Provides information about the fifty states along with a recipe native to each of them, such as Boston baked beans from Massachusetts, crab cakes from Maryland, Key lime pie from Florida, corn dogs from Iowa, and taco soup from New Mexico.
Written by Joan D'Amico / Karen E. Drummond and the publisher is Wiley. This child's book was released sometime in 2000. The book has 196 pages and it features black & white artwork. The book accentuates Cooking, visit the hyperlink below.

Take a Tasty Tour of America s 50 States1. In what state were both the lollipop and the hamburger-on-a-bun invented? The record is 30 feet. 2. It s in the Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho What a great strategy to stuff your face and feed your brain in the same time! 3. 2. ANSWERS: 1. 3. There s a lot more to cuisine in America than just burgers and fries. Connecticut. Here s a mouthwatering journey across the United states exactly where you ll discove and learn the way to make fabulous foods from every single portion in the nation. How big is the world s biggest potato chip and exactly where is it now? 25 feet long and 14 feet wide. Hope, Arkansas. Treat yourself to such simple, kid-tested recipes as:* Banana Berry Pancakes with Real Maple Syrup from Vermont * Key Lime Pie from Florida * Deep Dish Pizza from Illinois The Usa Cookbook might be a delicious mixture of fun food trivia, fascinating tidbits about each state s history and traditions, and yummy recipes you can cook yourself. Where do the largest watermelons develop and what s the distance record for spitting watermelon seeds? 3.


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